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The beauty of a greenhouse is that no matter what chaos is happening on the outside, the environment created on the inside is protected, cultivated, and calm. There, the Light is let in and all shame is cast out. It’s a place to heal, a chance to take root, and a home to dwell. And that’s exactly what Dew4Him is building.

We’ve closed on a beautiful property in Zebulon, North Carolina and will be opening an 18-month residential program for women re-entering society from addiction and incarceration so they have a safe place to become rooted, restored, and ready to thrive.


Hear our vision, Tracey’s story, and why The Greenhouse must be built to house a refuge for women to become rooted, restored and ready.

Alarming trends for North Carolina

female inmates re-enter society each year


female inmates report substance use disorders [1]


increased risk of incarceration for children of female inmates


increase in female incarcerations in last 30 years

$400,000 Goal

  • 70% 70%


supports small group counseling for one woman to become rooted


provides workforce readiness classes for two women


welcomes one woman to The Greenhouse with essentials


covers basic living expenses for two women for two months


academic intervention + continued education services for four women


funds individualized addiction relapse prevention counseling for four women

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Why we must build The Greenhouse

The Sunshine Girl’s Story

When we met April in a high-security prison in Raleigh, NC, she was 32-years-young and a soon-to-be mother. Through Dew4Him bible studies, April came to know Jesus Christ and began to follow Him.


When we met April in a high-security prison in Raleigh, NC, she was 32-years-young and a soon-to-be mother. Through Dew4Him bible studies, we came alongside April in her faith. She knew Jesus Christ to be her Lord.

April quickly gained a reputation of shining bright among her fellow inmates. They called her “The Sunshine Girl” because she greeted everyone she met with a piece of handwritten Scripture. As she handed them a piece of God’s Word, she beamed, “This is just a little bit of sunshine,” revealing bit by bit the love of their Father and the hope to come in eternal freedom.

Even through surviving an unimaginably difficult upbringing, birthing her baby, placing her in adoptive care, and serving a decade-long prison sentence, April always told everyone she was “blessed and highly favored.” That is the power of knowing Christ, who took all trauma to the cross.

April was trapped in the vicious cycle of relapse and recidivism, but she joined Dew4Him for every retreat and bible study we hosted through 2015 when she was released! We were so excited for the Sunshine Girl to bring her light — and the Light who lives within her — to “the outside.”

We were confident April was going to “make it” in every sense as she re-entered society. The harsh truth of the reality of re-entry, especially for women, is that the practicalities of life were stacked against her. When you’re undone — from trauma, abuse, and prison — it’s difficult to know where to start.

April went back to her hometown, Maggie Valley, NC, to be near all four of her children for the first time in her life. It took 87 applications for April to be granted a place to live because of her felony record. The only job she could take was under the management of her mother, and returning to her hometown meant she was reminded of her trauma every day. April deeply desired to come live at Dew4Him and asked us repeatedly when we’d have a house for her to live and work in. But we didn’t have The Greenhouse yet. It was still a dream.

Here are just a few of the email and text correspondences between Tracey (our Project Manager) and April during that time:

1. “I’m not who I want to be or where I want to be.”

2. “I just want to live again.”

3. “It makes me miss prison sometimes… I miss the fellowship… I miss you.”

April got in trouble with the law for a traffic violation in South Carolina. Her court date was postponed until the new year. For the first time in the decade since we’d known her behind bars, we were worried about The Sunshine Girl once she was “free.”

Tracey offered for April to come live with her in Raleigh. She accepted, and they made plans for move-in. Tracey bought a bus ticket to bring The Sunshine Girl back to Wake County, but April changed her mind. We were disappointed, because we knew April needed support and community! 

The next time we heard from April, she was in a South Carolina jail for drug possession. On May 6, 2021, April died of an overdose. The Sunshine Girl, whom we loved, cherished, and discipled, had a one-line obituary of her name, age, and date of death in the Maggie Valley paper. But because of everything she’s taught us, and our love for her, we’re going to make sure the light doesn’t go out on the Sunshine Girl’s story.

April loved Jesus, and we’re confident she is living eternally with our Father in Heaven. And our prayer is that the light she leaves behind would shine into The Greenhouse as we build a refuge for women experiencing the same deep need for practical help, based on Biblical principles.

April asked over and over when the house would be ready. In her honor — along with many others — we’re thrilled to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to build The Greenhouse Project and make this house a home.

A Woman’s Journey

Through the Greenhouse

Women need a space to become rooted and restored before they’re ready to become both contributing, thriving members of society and glorifying daughters of the King. They need a refuge.



initial case file + individual growth plan developed

SMART goals set

Genesis Process counseling

participating in small groups, house chores, and community living

learning to trust, be honest, and feel safe

attending AA and NA meetings

It’s the heart of our mission to equip women to be ready for the next step in their journey with a safe place to land and understand the foundation of their trauma. Then, they can take root in community with other women, through Christ, to flourish in recovery and re-entry.



working the individualized growth plan

attending classes depending on areas of high risk: faith, finance, Jobs For Life, Bible study, academic intervention, or educational services

volunteering in the community

With individualized assessment growth plans established, they’re ready to take the next steps in growing toward the Light. Our clients are showered with practical skills training and a Biblical foundation so they can grow in self-sufficiency physically, intellectually, and spiritually.



developed skills needed to contribute to society

established themselves in a church

built relationships in community through volunteering or church

developed an exit plan with our team (including reliable transportation, job security, and signed lease)

Growing deep roots through nourishing mentorship restores women to walk in life and in new faith so they are ready to thrive. After all, that’s what new creation is all about. With the tools they need to flourish in freedom as women of God, they are ready to thrive.

Isaiah 43:19

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”